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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 


James Dobson says that some of the judges on the list for nomination to the Court took themselves out of contention.

I don't buy that for one damn minute. There is no way that all of the women on the short or long list bowed out. Sure, Owen was reported to say that she didn't want the job. But Brown? Jones? Williams? Clement? Batchelder? Sykes? Corrigan? Glendon? They all said no? Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining.

I've been drifting over this Miers thing. I was livid the day she was nominated, then I decided to wait until the hearings. Now, I think I'm back to the beginning. I want her to withdraw or be rejected by the committee. The Court is too important to waste a seat on someone who isn't qualified.

Hell, if you're going to nominate her, why not me? Based on the lifespans of my relatives, I'd be on the Court for 60 years. I have no real paper trail (aside from ED) but at least my judicial philosophy is no secret. The Court is severely lacking in age diversity. It would be funny to have clerks older than I am too. White House, my hat is in the ring.

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