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Friday, October 07, 2005 

Absentee Blogger

Yeah, I've been neglecting my duties here. I've been busy. I've been so busy that I really don't have anything substantive to talk about. Here's a few thoughts that crossed my mind recently...

When someone rides past you on a bike, do you ever have the urge to just shove them over? I do. It would be so easy.

Why are there guys walking around Marquette with popped collars? You guys realize that you look like tools, right? I guess they are just so pumped about the killer house party they are going to tonight that they gotta look cool all day long. These people need their genitals crushed in a car door so they can't breed.

Dane Cook is hilarious. I listened to his new album today at school. I looked like a maniac, walking around laughing to myself. But it was well worth it.

I have to start outlining this weekend. I'm not too happy about this.

I've been at Marquette for over a year and I'm still trying to find a campus bathroom that I like. I'm very particular about where I do my business. I knew where all the best bathrooms were at UWM. I'm looking for privacy, minimal traffic, comfortable facilities, and easy access. The law school's just have too many people going in and out. And they are way too small. I currently have one at MU that is decent, but I think I can do better. The search continues...

I really like green tea. It's not because it tastes good or because of its health properties. I like it because it smells like Apple Jacks cereal.

Real posts this weekend. I promise.

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