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Sunday, October 09, 2005 


Saturday night, I saw Waiting... This is the movie that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gave one star. One star. I don't know if I've ever seen a one star movie, but now I can add that notch to my cinematic belt. I liked it. It was vulgar, gross, and hilarious. You can't go into a movie like this and expect Citizen Kane.

I've noticed something about certain types of movies and the reviews they get. I saw "types" because "genre" seems too broad. Waiting... would be considering a comedy as far as genre. But I would narrow it down further as a gross out comedy as far as type. I don't think it's right to measure a movie like this against Citizen Kane or even Caddyshack (which I think is one of the all time great comedies). What was the goal of Waiting...? Laughter from shocking and disgusting words and acts. Did it deliver? Yes, it did. I'm not going to start writing a treatise on it or anything, but it's worth renting again sometime.

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