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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

War of the Worlds

I just got back from seeing it and spotting a post by Ann Althouse about it, so I figure I better give a review.

I enjoyed it. I wouldn't say I loved it though. I think the best part about it is what you don't see. This could've easily become a film with a 15 minute long special effects laden, aliens v. army battle like Independence Day. War of the Worlds chose to follow one family the entire time, so you saw only what they saw. You weren't jumping around to different groups of characters, getting off of storylines just as you become invested in them. Tom Cruise was pretty good. Given the chance, the guy can really act. The girl that played his daughter was good too. I usually don't like child actors. I think directors or their acting coaches tell them to ham it up too much. The performance ends up coming off phony. She managed to avoid that.

I think that is why I liked the movie. It seemed real. Well, as real as an alien invasion can be. This is also why I liked the movie Signs. Signs had some serious flaws but the moments of reality really paid off (Ex. being glued to the TV). War of the Worlds is really one of those only-on-the-big-screen movies. It's not something I would want to watch at home. I would like it if the people behind be could've kept their damn mouths shut though. They felt a need to explain everything to each other. You know, being quiet and paying attention to what is happening is a wonderful way to understand the plot too. I managed to pull that off all by myself.

It wasn't the best movie ever and I won't be running back to see it again, but it was worth $6. Batman Begins is still the best movie of the year though.

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