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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

The Usual

I spent the 4th at Summerfest. In spite of the sometimes nasty weather, it was a pretty good time. Whenever you go somewhere with a fairly large group of people, you have to make sacrifices. You give up the ability to direct the group for more company. There were a few bands I would've liked to check out but didn't feel like being the whiny guy in the group, making demands. We went there to see Lewis Black, who was playing in the half of an airplane hanger that was being called a martini lounge. We wanted good seats so we got there early. The act before Lewis was a big group of... I'm looking for a word here... people? that sang old rock songs and a lot of songs from Grease. Yes, they were in costume too. It was quite a scene. The Elvis impersonator was icing on the cake. I would've just kept drinking but at $5 a beer, I couldn't afford it. Lewis Black was great. He really knew how to work the crowd, make fun of Milwaukee, etc. I may go back tomorrow for the Violent Femmes but nothing is set in stone. It's so expensive. And crowded. And hot. We'll see.

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