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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

Why I Love Christopher Hitchens

This is from an interview he gave with The Common Review:

I was invited by Michael Moore to be his interviewer at the Telluride Film Festival for his awful, baggy, dishonest, boring movie, Bowling for Columbine. In that film, clips about the Kosovo war from Serbian television are used as objective. Moore implies that the bombing of Kosovo might have inspired the murderers in Columbine. You don't know where to start with someone as mentally lazy as this. This was on the anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks, and he said, "Well, if it's true that bin Laden did this thing in New York . . ." It was early in the morning; just a second, I thought. "Say that again? If they did this?" He said, "Well, if they did this." And he opposed the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan; a reactionary, conservative position couched in radical anti-imperialist language. My Marxist training tells me things don't remain the same. Reactionary-left positions won't hold for long; they will metamorphose into reactionary-right ones. He says he considers the Iraqi resistance;the beheaders and kidnappers and rapists, the people who throw petrol and explosives into the mosques of rival Muslims, among other things;the equivalents of the Minutemen of the American Revolution. This is the statement of a flat-out brown shirt. It has to be described as such. And all the people who thought that was a great movie to rock the vote, they should be fucking ashamed. There is no room for compromising on a thing like this. He's a lying, fascist, thug.

I say "fuck" a lot too, but am not nearly eloquent.

I don’t know if we had seen the same movie. As long as I can tell, Michael Moore did not adjudicate the killings in Columbine to the bombings in Sarajevo, but used it as an example of truly violent media content; that the shootings in schools are only an effect of a violent culture that understands war as “liberating” other countries, and who are proud their country “kick ass”. If Americans are so concerned about “kicking ass”, they shouldn’t be surprised their younglings become violent, dangerous and xenophobic citizens.

I read your blog, and each time you surprise me with your ignorance, with your lack of knowledge about the world that surrounds you. You should get your head out of your country and realize there’s a world out there, that not everything on TV is true, that your politicians and story, like in everywhere, lie too.

23 years old and so full of the same old discourse.

Were you Moore's personal trainer? He desperately needs one.

Who is the idiot up above?

Well I didn't write that quote. It is from journalist Christopher Hitchens. The implication that he makes about Moore's view is his. The parts of the quote I thought was most interested in was the part about Bin Laden and the part about the Iraqi insurgents.

You have a very strange view of Americans. Do you think we are all a bunch of backwoods, gun-toting hicks? Do you think that we are just violent animals that seek adventure in foreign lands, shooting and pillaging to our heart's content? If it is, fine. You can think whatever you wish about me. You can call me ignorant and lacking knowledge.

Or you can post a comment, say you disagree with my viewpoint, provide your argument, and I can reply. It might even be a nice little discourse. But I guess it's more fun to call people names.

Eddie: That is my failure to foster international unity.

PS: Hook me up with some stock tips.

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