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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Hurricanes will Kill Us All

Laurie David warns of deadly weather from that global warming thing.

Here's a novel thought. Let's look at the data on US hurricane strikes, not the rhetoric.

As an update, the new number for 2000-2009 (through 2004) is 7. Let's look at that data set [16, 19, 15, 17,23,18,15,12,16,14]. The mean is 16.5. At the halfway point of this decade, we are at 7. I'm not seeing an increase in extreme weather here. At least not in hurricane strikes, which are what is important as far as property damage, insurance costs, etc.

I wonder what the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has to say about this.

"Examination of meteorological data fails to support the perception [of increased frequency and severity of extreme climate events] in the context of long-term climate change."

IPCC 1995, p. 11

The 2001 report states, "No long-term trends evident" for tropical and extratropical storms, and no systematic changes in the "frequency of tornadoes, thunder days, or hail."

But, but, but I thought "a calamity of scientists" saw this coming. Saw what coming?

Fear mongering pisses me off.

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