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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Holy Matrimony

My cousin is getting married at the end of May in Madison. I had a nice record going of avoiding family weddings but my perception has changed since I reached the legal drinking age. That, and I like to dress up.

I see my situation as this; I can either:
1. Find a date to invite, go and have a nice time.
2. Go alone, get shit hammered, and dance with anything that's female and at least a second cousin.
3. Find a really cool date that will get shit hammered with me.

3 would be nice, but I think 2 is much more probable. I don't hold out much hope for this wedding. My extended family is kind of stuffy about these things, so it's usually dead as fuck. I'm hoping that with my sidekick alcohol, I can keep things lively enough until I end up at a bar. I'll probably get tanked and argue politics with my uncles.

I'm toying with the idea of making cards that say "School is challenging. No, I'm not working right now." and hand them out. That is the extent of the conversation I have with most of my relatives. School and work. That's what I am.

Before I shuffle off to the printers, I need to pin down exactly what I'm doing this summer. Summer school is a definite. I still have an open invitation for an internship at the DA's office. From what I understand, it can be as many hours as I want. It doesn't pay a cent though. I could use a job that provides, ya know, money. Cause I'm partial to commerce and such.

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