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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Romney on Judges

Confirm Them has a link to a statement by Governor Mitt Romney about the type of judge that President Romney would put on the federal bench. I posted Rudy Giuliani's statement on the topic earlier and plan on keeping this up as I find these quotes from the would-be Commanders in Chief...
I think the justices that President Bush has appointed are exactly spot-on. I think Justice Roberts and Justice Alito are exactly the kind of justices America needs. They're people who believe that the Constitution is what they're to follow, not what they're to depart from; people who do not believe that legislation from the bench is the responsibility or authority of being on the bench. I respect legal scholars of all backgrounds, but those who are going to be on the bench, if I were lucky enough to appoint them, would be people who believe their job is to follow the law and follow the Constitution.
I have a feeling that we're going to here this line a lot. Judicial nominations is probably the one strong issue that Bush still has. I think that the base is very happy with their two relatively young Supreme Court Justices and wants their 08 nominee to keep the trend going.

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