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Thursday, February 15, 2007 

New (to me) Law Blogs

It's always cool to find new legal blogs to read. I occasionally crab about how much material I have to plow through to find postable material. And it's true. It is time consuming. But there are those occasional days were I have a ton of free time and just want more legal stuff to read about online. Here are two blogs that I recently found.

Food Law Prof Blog. Food law! How can you not love that? Cloned food regulation, the FDA, and food safety laws... quite a line up. Sometimes it's cool to read about these weird law subsets. The material tends to touch on diverse areas of law, even though the material is under one umbrella topic.

That's What She Said. Fans of The Office will recognize this blog's title as Michael Scott's favorite catchphrase. This blog is run by labor lawyer Judy Elgar. After every episode of The Office, Elgar gives a summary of the possible liability issues and estimates how much it would cost to settle the case. Brilliant.

I'm going to add these two to my links as soon as I get the motivation to screw around with my template code.

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