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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Fun at Depos

Professor Bainbridge posted this video from a deposition. The professor says...
I have no idea who the party is or what the dispute was about. In any case, it starts out pretty boring, but you must watch it all the way to the end, where it becomes one of the all-time great answers to a deposition question (and an answer that I have more than once wanted to give at one of my expert witness depositions)
Who says that depositions have to be boring?

That's hilarious. Almost as good as that Joe Jamail deposition video from a few months back.

How Appealing links to a recent Easterbrook opinion about a bad deposition, and Easterbrook mentioned Jamail as the worst of the worst (though that was a different Jamail deposition).

I saw that link but haven't read the case yet. I guess I better do that between classes tonight.

Joe Jamail needs his own TV show. I can't stand reality TV, but I'd watch a weekly show about Jamail's adventures in depos.

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