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Monday, January 08, 2007 

My Leave of Absence

I took a little "me" time recently. I always told myself that I would quit ED when doing it stopped being fun. It stopped being fun back in mid December. That and a half dozen other things prompted me to take a leave of absence and get away for a while. I'm back now, physically and mentally. Classes start this week, and that will probably get me back into the legal mindset that I need to write. I have enjoyed doing this for a long time and expect that I will again. I just really needed a break from this and well, everything.

Every one needs a break from time to time. Especially when one is involved in something as deep as your studies are. That said, don't even think of quitting ED. I'll haunt you if you do! LOL

Don't let that happen again. :-)

I'll be back on the horse again soon. I took a short vacation this weekend, and that helped me clear my head. I look forward to posting on here again.

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