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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Well, I Missed the Marriage Debate...

I didn't want to break tradition by finishing the draft of my seminar paper early, so I had to pull an all nighter last night. It was quite an experience. It only took me seven cans of Coke and half a bag of those mini candy bars to make it through the night and all the way to morning. The work got frustrating at times. Things peaked at 2:10 AM when I yelled out a sentence laden with more obscenities than I could count. I believe that I took the Lord's name in vain and mentioned a sex act that was illegal before Lawrence v Texas in that crescendo of vulgarity.

Unfortunately, my research duties caused me to miss the big Marriage Amendment Debate on campus. It sounds like it was a great event. Prof. McAdams took notes during the debate and posted them here. Based on the post time stamp, the Professor was burning the midnight oil last night too. The Marquette Tribune has an article about the debate here. Unfortunately, the Trib messed up the caption on the picture and got all the names wrong. It should read: Panelists at Monday's debate were Christopher Wolfe (upper left), Rick Esenberg (lower left), Mike Tate (upper right) and Scott Moss (lower right). The article does have decent coverage though. I may have some additional comments in my Marriage Amendment post coming soon. No promises though.

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