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Sunday, October 29, 2006 

Goof Calls for Supreme Court Killings

Drudge linked to this story about talk show host Hal Turner, who has recently gone further off the deep end. As an anti-Semite and white supremacist, one would expect a lot of bizarre crap to come from Turner's mouth. Well, now it's gotten really weird...
"As the November 7 Election approaches, I decided to write a few lines to my fellow Americans about the state of our nation and the ugliness that may have to occur if the people who caused these problems are re-elected: They may have to be assassinated," he writes in his Oct. 27 screed.

Just so there can be no mistaking his intentions, Turner repeats his premise several times and even offers fairly detailed plans involving five-men strike forces to carry out their wet work in wiping out half the U.S. Congress and at least three members of the Supreme Court.
Emphasis added. Turner is obviously cracked, but I can't help but wonder which Supreme Court Justices have gotten his dander up. His list of complaints include campaign finance laws and the Kelo eminent domain ruling. I think that points to the liberal wing of the Court. But he also doesn't like the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act. Those would likely be heavily scrutinized by the liberals on the Court if either law came before them in a case. The "at least three members" thing is a little weird, though. Which three? I don't know. Maybe I'm trying too hard to analyze something that is obviously screwy.

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