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Saturday, October 28, 2006 

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

A friend recently brought to my attention the fact that I have been slacking on the beer reviews. I have to blame this on my recent illness and my recent busy school schedule. It certainly isn't for lack of material. Fall and Winter are some of my favorite beer times. Breweries produce some excellent Octoberfests and other seasonals.

On the chopping block tonight is the Samuel Adams Winter Lager. As you can probably tell from the name, this is a Sam Adams seasonal. It has a nice dark brown color to it. It's brown but not cloudy if you hold it up to the light. The aroma is fairly malty with a bit of cinnamon and some other spice that I can't identify. I was surprised at its body. I was expecting something a little heavier, even though this is a lager not an ale, but it was very drinkable and smooth. The flavor is malty, like the aroma, with those spices playing a role as well. They add a tingling activation of the taste buds. The flavor does also coat your mouth. It definitely hangs around. That's not a bad thing either, especially with a Winter beer. It's got a warming attribute to it. The flavor is fairly rich, even if the body is not, so I could not see myself drinking more than two of these in an evening. It's a decent beer, but it definitely has a distinct role.

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