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Sunday, October 29, 2006 

Seventh Circuit Review

One of my fellow MULS students has passed along a link to the inaugural issue of the Seventh Circuit Review. The good people at the Chicago-Kent College of Law have put this together for us...
The Seventh Circuit Review is a semiannual, online journal dedicated to the analysis of recent opinions published by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The Seventh Circuit Review seeks to keep the legal community abreast of developments and trends within the Seventh Circuit and their impact on contemporary jurisprudence. The articles appearing within the Seventh Circuit Review are written and edited by Chicago-Kent College of Law students enrolled in the Seventh Circuit Review Honors Seminar.
The entire journal is student written and edited as part of their seminar duties. If I wasn't currently neck deep in my own seminar materials, I would take the time to read some of the articles. Unfortunately, I'm still slaying the dragon that is Sarbanes-Oxley. This draft has to be in by Tuesday, so by hell or high water, I'll be able to read a few of the Review's articles by then.

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