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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

Today's Transcripts Available Online

Good to their word, the Justices have posted (well, someone posted them. I doubt it was one of the nine) the transcripts from today's oral arguments in the consolidated cases of Lopez v Gonzalez and Toledo-Flores v US and Ayers v Belmontes. You can find them linked here and here.

I am very pleased that the Court is doing this. It is a great service to all of us who are interested in the goings on at One First Street. I also think that this new service has made Linda Greenhouse and Dahlia Lithwick obsolete. On many occasions, I have tried to control my gagging and eye rolling long enough to read their articles about recent oral arguments at the Court. Being stuck in Milwaukee, I don't have the luxury of waltzing down to the Court to watch oral arguments in a case that interests me. Greenhouse and Lithwick, New York Times and Slate Supreme Court reporters/analyzers respectively, have that luxury. No longer do I have to read their loaded and biased pieces in order to write my own loaded and biased pieces for this blog. Isn't access to information wonderful?

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