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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

Court Issues New Grants

SCOTUSblog has an excellent summary of the nine new cases that the Supreme Court decided to hear. Of the new grants, this case, United Haulers Association v Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority, strikes my interest the most...
In an environmental dispute, the Court said it would return to the question of local governments' authority to control the disposal of solid wastes. The case tests whether it violates the Commerce Clause for a local "flow-control" ordinance to require delivery of all solid wastes to a publicly owned local facility.
Commerce Clause cases are especially interesting, considering the Rehnquist Court's revival of federalism. I have a sinking feeling, based on a few recent cases, that the federalism revolution is dead. This case is a little different, since it seems like a Dormant Commerce Clause issue. It still may give us some insights into Chief Justice Roberts' and Justice Alito's views on the Commerce Clause.

If you are really interested in the new grants, SCOTUSblog also has a more detailed look at the actual issues in this questions presented document. As the new term of the Court begins, keep watching the posts on SCOTUS. It's one of the best blogs for following the Court.

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