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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

The Conspiracy Comes to Marquette

There was a welcome back letter from the Dean in my mailbox at school. One of the items in the letter caught my attention immediately. We usually have two major lectures on campus during the course of a school year. These are occasions where the school brings in someone notable to talk about a current issue in law. One of the lectures last year was Judge Diane Sykes' critique of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court's recent decisions. The lectures are great to attend and one of the most interesting parts of the year.

One of the lectures for this school year has been announced. UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh of the appropriately named Volokh Conspiracy blog will be in town on October 16th to deliver a talk. There is no word what the lecture will be about, but Prof. Volokh is a leading First Amendment scholar so I'd assume something along those lines. I'm going to have to shuffle around my schedule a bit to attend, but I will be there.


The real question is... do I approach him and talk to him about blogs, dropping the hint to add a link to ED on Volokh?

I gotta play this cool.

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