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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Supreme Bobbleheads

No, I'm not referring to the liberal wing of the Court (though that would be apt). The coolest or nerdiest law-related collectibles around are the Supreme Court Justice Bobbleheads. Green Bag, the only law journal that gets the distinction of being linked on this blog, started producing them in 2003 as a gift to their subscribers. You can occasionally find them on eBay, selling for incredibly high prices. Behold their glory.

This article talks about one particular collector/attorney who has been scouring eBay in order to assemble a complete set. He spent $2,100 on the Chief Justice Rehnquist one. That is... a little nuts. But I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Being the law nerd that I am, I have decided to subscribe to Green Bag. They have pretty entertaining articles, and I want some bobbleheads too. I don't know if I will be eligible to get the Justice Kennedy one, which is no big loss in my book. Justice Souter will be the next one off of the production lines, which is also one that I'm not wetting myself over. But after that, Justice Thomas' bobblehead will be released. I want that one. Unfortunately, subscribers are not guaranteed to get them...
The only person guaranteed to get one is the justice depicted. Most of the justice bobbleheads are awarded to Green Bag subscribers; others go to public-interest legal groups that use them as fundraisers.
With my luck, I'm going to end up with Souter and Ginsburg.

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