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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Pale Ale

It's the Fourth of July, so I felt that my beer selection should be something that reflected that. There was only one real option: Samuel Adams. Everyone's favorite patriot, brewer, Son of Liberty, and all around troublemaker would be my adult beverage co-pilot for the day. Today's brew of choice is the Samuel Adams Pale Ale. It has an incredible cloudy, golden color. When put up to the light, it takes on a vibrant orange tone. The aroma is light, which is common for a pale ale. The initial flavor really surprised me. It has a much sharper bite than I imagined that it would. While he hated those darn Redcoats, Sam Adams has no problem making use of English hops to give his beer an extra kick. After the hoppy bite, there is a slight malt flavor. It finishes fairly clean, leaving only a light malty flavor in your mouth. The carbonation really has some legs too, so you can sip one of these for a while without having it go flat on you. It was an excellent choice for today.

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