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Monday, April 24, 2006 


It's one week before exams begin, and I'm a little on edge. Expect blogging to be fairly light and spotty in the next few days. Of course, I expect the Court to hand down a huge decision just to spite me. Eh, I'll deal with it. Anyway, exam season means a few things for me. First, my diet goes straight to hell. Second, I live in the library... more than usual.

To break up the day, I usually take a half hour or forty-five minute break to go read a book. That activity doesn't make much sense intuitively, considering I'm reading the entire time that I'm studying. But leisurely reading is actually a break for me.

Today, I found the book that I am going to read for the next week or two whenever I need a time out from the exciting world of zoning laws, arbitration, and general partnerships: Resurrection: The Confirmation of Clarence Thomas by former Senator John Danforth. Danforth was Thomas' main supporter, mentor, and cheerleader during the confirmation process. He was intimately involved in the entire mess and has a lot of insights on what happened. I'm not far into the book, but a familiar character has already popped up and I expect to read about him in greater detail throughout the book. That character is J. Michael Luttig, who is now a judge on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Luttig did a lot of the actual prep work with Thomas. They had daily studying sessions to help prepare Thomas for the committee hearing. I'm beginning to see why Thomas and Luttig are such good friends.

So far, it's a great book. Danforth has a very readable writing style that is a welcome diversion from reading statutes and codes. I'm in no rush to finish it, especially since I have a long way to go until exams are done, but I'll give some closing thoughts after I finish it.

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