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Friday, March 10, 2006 

The Chief Speaks

Chief Justice John Roberts gave his first speech as Chief Justice this Wednesday. Originally, the Chief was not going to deliver any speeches during his first term on the Court. What made him change his mind? An invitation from this woman...When Mrs. Reagan asked Roberts to be the guest speaker at the annual (and aptly named) Reagan Lecture at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, he couldn't turn the former first lady down. Roberts served in the Office of White House Council for President Reagan.

I find this segment of the article especially interesting...
He expressed special thanks to the archivists at the Reagan Library for preparing thousands of pages of documents related to his work in the Reagan administration for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One of the documents was a 1986 resignation letter he wrote to Reagan that said, "As a lawyer it was a source of great satisfaction to serve a president who appreciated the framers' vision of a limited federal government of laws, not men."
Nice quote.

EDIT: You can watch the Chief's speech here. There's probably going to be a commercial at the beginning, just so you know. There is also a short Q&A session at the end. The Chief Justice is a pretty funny guy. It's worth a look.

The man has class. I also liked his first opinion. Concise and to the point. No "penumbras of emanations" or other supercilious tripe. Gotta love that in a Chief Justice.

As someone who has read many, many court opinions, I am very happy with the Chief's writing style. He's crisp and clear.

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