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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

America and the Courts

I'm currently watching a fairly dull episode of C-SPAN's America and the Courts. This week's foray into Article III land highlights the oral argument in a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals detention case. I gave up at about the 20 minute mark and turned to iTunes for all of my audio needs. I already decided that I want the government to lose this case anyway. I have no substantive reason why they should lose, but the attorney for the Department of Justice is wearing the ugliest damn tie that I have ever seen. It looks like jungle camouflage. If I were a judge, I would find poorly dressed attorneys in contempt of court.

America and the Courts is usually a great show, but they've had some really crappy episodes lately. The best ones (in my opinion) are the speeches by the Supreme Court Justices. I think that the recent speech by the Chief Justice would've made a great episode. I'm also disappointed that C-SPAN never tells us what is going to be on each week until right before it airs. The website isn't updated very religiously and the DirecTV guide is no help either. I love the show and usually recommend it to people who are interested in the courts, but it's been lacking lately.

EDIT: Hey, look. The government did lose.

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