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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Yet Another Post about Beer

This isn't a review, just a short beer-related post. Yes, it's 4 AM and I'm still awake. Insomnia sucks.

I got to try a new, yet-to-be-released beer Wednesday night: Heineken Light. I only had one sip of it, so I won't bother with a full review. If you like Heineken, you'll probably like this. In spite of being a light beer, it tastes almost exactly like regular Heineken. If you're a fan of Heineken (which I'm not) and watching your weight (which I'm not), keep your eyes peeled for this when it gets released. How did I get to try it? I know a guy who knows a guy.

I'm not sure when the next print issue of The Warrior will be out, but their website is updated with new content. Check out this issue's installment of Beyond Busch Light. It's a nice blend of beer history and beer reviews. I have yet to make it to the Old German Beer Hall. I know, I know, I've failed all of you. I promise to make it there sometime in the reasonably near future. However, here is a picture of one of my Confirm Alito bumper stickers at the Old German Beer Hall...Photo credit to Res Ipsa. If you don't have a liter mug like those, get one. I have a Hacker-Pschorr one and I love it.

Definitely listen to Brandon Henak's advice. The guy knows his beer. He mentions a Spaten Pilsner that was not so impressive. I would definitely suggest the Spaten Optimator. It's a doppelbock, 7.2% alcohol, and one of the best dark beers around. Just be sure to buy it somewhere that has a high turnover rate for their stock. I had an Optimator once that tasted like a sock. That's what happens when bars don't clean their lines and old kegs sit for a long, long time.

EDIT: Speaking of the Old German Beer Hall, tonight is the night to go. According to Brandon, "if you bring your copy of The Warrior (found on campus at most retailers) you get your second stein of german beer (reviewed in my latest column Bavarian Brewhaus Basics) free and a free warm Bavarian Pretzel." Free beer and a pretzel and all you have to do is bring a copy of The Warrior?! Quite a deal. If it wasn't 40 degrees below zero, I'd be there.

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