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Sunday, February 26, 2006 

New Local Micro-Brewery

My mind isn't totally occupied with lusting after Sasha Cohen. I've been keeping an eye on local beer happenings as well. There is a new (well, sort of new) micro-brewery coming to Milwaukee. You might know the Milwaukee Brewing Company better as the Milwaukee Ale House. After almost a decade at their location in the Third Ward, the Ale House folks are expanding into Walker's Point. This second location at 613 2nd St. will be a packaging brewery and tasting room. You will now be able to buy packaged versions of the Ale House beers for all of your non-Ale House-centered events. For those of you who are especially curious about what's going on at the soon-to-be Milwaukee Brewing Company, they have an open house every Monday from 5 to 7 PM. Watch them build the brewery and hear about their brewing techniques. If you really can't wait, here's their brewery construction web cam.

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