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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Teen Arrested Over MySpace Photos

Internet bad-ass nabbed over his MySpace pictures.
School spokesman Rick Kaufman said parents were calling with concerns and some kept their children home after photographs posted on the boy's profile on MySpace.com, a social networking Web site, began circulating through the community.
"Killer" had pictures of himself posed with nine guns. The caption read "Angel o' death on wings o' lead." Edgy, I know.

This fairly innocuous news story got my attention because of a recent cruise through Facebook. Yes, I do have a Facebook profile. It's kind of pathetic, but it helps me keep tabs on people I know all over the country. It's a good address book for someone like me who has an aversion to actually keeping one. I'm a little surprised that people post certain kinds of pictures on things like Facebook and MySpace. Some of it is understandable. College kids drinking at someone's crappy, campus apartment? No big deal. It's not like anyone should be shocked that college students like booze.

But some people seem to think that MySpace and Facebook are great places to post pictures of illegal activities. I think, and I'm sure the above mentioned "Angel o' death" probably sees this now, that this is an incredibly stupid idea. The thing to remember about the internet is that everybody can access it, even mom. My one Facebook picture is rather dull. In fact, I'm barely visible. I don't have any "questionable" pictures of myself (although some may exist...), but I certainly wouldn't post them for the internet to see. Think before you upload.

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