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Sunday, February 26, 2006 

Beer Review: Harp Lager

I was feeling in the mood for something crisp and mellow this evening, so I went looking for a good lager. Lagers are an incredibly popular variety of beer. When most people think of "beer", they are probably thinking of a lager. Lagers include Heineken, Budweiser, Warsteiner, Sam Adams, and about a thousand more varieties. The selection at the store was quite limited, so I ended up with a six pack of Harp Lager. Harp is brewed by Guinness but is the exact opposite of Guinness Draught. Harp has a transparent golden color. There isn't much aroma, but that's not out of the ordinary for lagers. Harp is very up front with its flavor. It's very strange in that regard. The initial taste has a strong flavor, but that flavor weakens as the beer passes over your tongue and down your throat. As you continue to drink it, the flavor builds and becomes much more consistent. It takes a while, but the flavor eventually coats your mouth and lingers.

Harp has a lot of carbonation. That's good because the beer doesn't get flat, but it could prove to be a problem while in mixed company. Ripping burp after burp will probably not endear you to the ladies. If you do find a girl that thinks all that burping is okay, marry her. As far as lagers go, Harp is pretty good. It's got more flavor than the domestic macrobrew lagers. It's also light enough to be enjoyed as a lager should. I would definitely drink this again when I'm in the mood for something lighter.

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