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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

How About Those Hearings, Huh?

I made a post about this about an hour ago, but unfortunately screwed up a quote. Here's my new and improved post.

This stuff should be banned by the McCain Torture Amendment. I've been watching the replay, and it's pretty boring. I'm interested in this and even I fell asleep on the couch. Biden was pretty funny though. He went for about 11 minutes without asking a single question to Judge Alito. The Princeton/CAP issue seems to be getting a bit of time at the hearings. Hugh Hewitt has a quote from a Biden speech at Princeton not long ago...
This magnificently attractive, intellectually and physically beautiful young girl, was a sophomore, was showing us around, and I figured, man we got a lock now. My son is gonna really be interested, and, I know, senators aren't supposed to say things like that but, ah, if he hadn't been interested, I would have been worried.
WHAT THE HELL?! He does know that he's saying these things in public, right? Personally, I'm a little disturbed at this thought, Biden and son trolling for co-eds. This guy wants to be your president in 2008 too.

Matt Drudge has a picture of a smiling Alito above pictures of hand wringing Senators Durbin, Feinstein, and Schumer and a wild-eyed picture of Biden. The headline is "Unstoppable?" Barring anything major tomorrow, probably.

I believe the goal for the Democrats is twofold: to discredit this nominee along with President Bush and the conservative movement... and to produce a week-long commercial for their individual careers and political leanings... and ambitions. Biden is so transparent.

I agree. These hearings are a joke. The senators use their time to placate their base, not to ask interesting questions. My favorite senator, Rusty Feingold, spent a large chunk of his time on the NSA thing. He knew that Alito couldn't go deeply into the issue since it's probably going to end up in the courts, but he made his speech anyway. It's his issue, he's going to hammer away on it and take shots at people like the Attorney General. And don't get me started on the Vanguard thing...

Biden is just fumbling around in the dark. He has no idea how to put himself forward as a credible presidential candidate. He's just making a bunch of noise (literally), hoping people pay attention to him.

The Republicans spend most of their time refuting the claims of the Democrats. It's just a pro-con ping pong match with no real substance. Graham had some interesting questions. Grassley put me into a coma. I can't look at Sessions without thinking that we've found the lost Smothers brother.

If I had 30 minutes with a nominee, I could get out a hell of a lot of questions. My ego (sizable as it is) is not as big as a senator's though.

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