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Monday, November 21, 2005 

Studying So Far

I don't think I can accurately describe the pain and torture that I feel during the exam season at law school. I love hearing the undergrads in hysterics about their exam in their Sociology of the Vagina Monologues class or whatever the hell it is that you people take. You have no idea how much worse school can get. Graduate and come to law school. It will test not only your mind but your will. It takes a hell of a lot of determination to put in the marathon days of studying. Your Poli Sci 100 class has got nothing on my Federal Income Tax class. Nothing.

Here's where I am so far. My Ethics outline is almost done. I'm pretty impressed with the amount of material from this course that I've retained from the semester. It probably has to do with my chilling fear of a malpractice lawsuit. Self-preservation is strong motivation. Evidence is next. I feel like I have a good grasp on that material as well, but I'll know if that's true in a few days. Tax is next on the list. I'm at the point that I think I'm just going to melt down my copy of the Internal Revenue Code and freebase it. There's no other way I'm going to get all of this stuff into my brain. Luckily, we get to to use our notes and books during the exam. That isn't very comforting though.

Health Law and Environmental Law are on the back burner right now. I've got Evidence, Tax, and Ethics on the 5th, 6th, and 7th. That'll be a fun three days. Health Law isn't until the 13th and Environmental Law is a take home due on the 15th. The big three are getting all of my attention right now. I can't afford to ignore them in favor of the later exams.

I'm going to get back at it. I should've gotten a catheter installed, because these bathroom breaks are really screwing with my studying pace.

shut it you whiney bitch. Get it done and quit bitching

Okay, chief.

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