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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

Wow, I Didn't See This Coming...

Drudge is reporting that Senator Schumer is ready to go to war over the Supreme Court nominee. One of Drudge's minions overheard a cell phone conversation that the senator was having with someone, talking about the upcoming nomination.

“It's not about an individual judge… It's about how it affects the overall makeup of the court.”

This is the truth of the confirmation process. For decades, senators have lied to our faces and said that they look at the person to see what their qualifications and temperment are. Bullshit. A lot of these senators only need to know about one issue: abortion. The hearing could be over in about 10 minutes for these people.

Not to repost, but I think this bears repeating:

Supreme Court Fight Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Supreme Court Fight Club.

The first rule of Supreme Court Fight Club is you do not talk about The Slaughterhouse Cases.

The second rule of Supreme Court Fight Club is you do not talk about The Slaughterhouse Cases.

The third rule: someone yells "strict constructionist" or "anti-abortion" or writes columns for National Review, the nomination is over.

The fourth rule is no arguing Marbury v Madison with Senator Spector.

The fifth rule: the Commerce Clause can regulate anything.

The sixth rule: there is no Privileges or Immunities clause to the 14th Amendment.

The seventh rule is the filibuster will go on as long as it has to.

And the eighth and final rule: if you are anywhere to the Right of Senator Schumer, you have to fight.

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