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Saturday, July 23, 2005 

Monthly Self-Absorbed Post

I've spent the last week in deep reflection. The casual observer would call it drinking with my friends, but it really was deep reflection. My period of self-examination was brought to a head with the arrival of my tuition bill this morning. I am twenty three and a half years old and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

After talking to a few people this week, friends and family mostly, I've found that this is pretty common. That doesn't make it any better. It's just frustrating to be this far along and not know what the hell I want to do. I know a lot of people, especially at school, that know exactly what they're going to do. It's likely that they will end up hating it and miserable, but that's a small consolation.

Law school. I love it and I hate it. It's very A Tale of Two Cities in a way. There are parts of it that I really like, there is a lot of material that I want to learn, and I like the mental workout that it gives me. There is stuff I hate too. If the rest of my life is going to be writing briefs on stupid shit or pouring over the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, no thank you.

A lot of people with JDs don't practice law. It's growing more likely that I will be in that group. I think I'm going to take the skill set that I've gotten there and go into some form of business. I want to be doing something worthwhile, something I enjoy. If at the end of the next two years I don't enjoy law, I'm not doing it. If I end up turning into uber-law nerd and getting some insanely good grades, I might try to get a clerkship, just to try it.

It's frustrating. But I'm going to ride the next two years out, see where my head is, and take it from there. Until then, let me apologize for turning this into an angsty, emo Live Journal. Normal blogging resumes Monday.

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