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Thursday, July 07, 2005 


You know, I am very guilty of knocking Summerfest. A lot. I always say how much I hate it, but I usually have one really great night there every year. I guess there are parts of Summerfest that I don't like. I don't like paying a lot for beer. I don't like crowds of people who are apt to just stop walking right in front of you. Some people just don't understand the concept of walking traffic and why stopping to shoot the shit with someone might be a problem for anyone trying to hold a beer and a Saz's sampler platter while walking.

But it is still the world's largest music festival. And I should be happy that I have easy access to it every year. Last night was a blast. We saw some bluegrass string band, something-mountain-something. They were great. The only problem was that they came on late so we had to leave for another show before they finished. And the crowd was almost all hippies. The ventilation at the covered stage wasn't great, so the whole area smelled like weed and B.O. mixed with tie dye ink. Basically, it smelled like someone cooked an armpit. The other show we saw was the Violent Femmes. It's just not Summerfest without the Femmes. They still kick ass, they can still play with the same intensity as years ago, and they still draw a huge crowd. It's amazing to hear everyone singing Gone Daddy Gone at the top of their lungs.

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