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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

My Favorite Politician

I've been asked who my favorite politician is by a handful of people. In the past, I really didn't have a good answer. I usually thought about it a bit, threw out a few names, retracted them, and the ended up shrugging my shoulders. But recent posts at Law & Alcoholism have helped me ID the greatest politician of modern times.

Mayor McCheese.

While a lowly municipal politician, Mayor McCheese is by far the most savvy and respectable politician among a group of rogues. McCheese has shown himself to be tough on crime by hiring the capable Big Mac as chief of police. Constable Mac has done an admirable job breaking up a devastating hamburglering ring and is closing in on its mastermind. Racial tensions that had been boiling over before Mayor McCheese took office have been quelled by policies focused on increased commerce among neighborhoods. Gone are the McNugget-Fry Guy race riots of years passed. There is no partisanship clouding the policies of Mayor McCheese, and he has shown that he will apply ideas from elsewhere if they are worthy. Last year's adoption of a property tax freeze formulated by Grimace was hailed by commentators as "government working for once." Bridges to the 21st century, folks.

If it comes down to Hillary or McCain in 2008, I'm voting McCheese. I'm reasonably sure that he is a natural born American. I'm also reasonably sure that an anthropomorphic quarter pounder with cheese can be elected to high office. I'll get to work on an election law brief just in case.

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