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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Mandatory John Roberts Post

I am happy and surprised. I thought that Roberts would replace Rehnquist, but it's still possible that he gets elevated to Chief later. I loved watching Chuck Schumer at his little press conference with Leahy. You've got a battle on your hands, Chuckie. Best of luck painting Roberts as a blood sucking freak ready to snort the Constitution and eat the Bill of Rights. I think that's why he was so snippy tonight.

I'm glad that Bush didn't nominate a woman. That whole "O'Connor's seat is a woman seat" shit is just a bad policy. It cheapens the Court to assign certain seats as minority seats. Pick the best person for the job, regardless of their skin color or dangly parts.

Another great thing about Roberts is that he is 50. As long as he stays healthy, he'll be on the Court for three decades. I get the feeling that the next nominee from Bush will also be fairly young. He wants his legacy and this is the way to get it. That's all I've got for now. I'm going to go read the many, many posts and articles of people who know a hell of a lot more about this than me.

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