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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 

Beer Review: Central Waters Happy Heron Pale Ale

Yes, the beer reviews are back. I had a brief stint a while back writing reviews for a local newspaper. Shockingly, people actually want to read this crap. It's been a while, so here goes nothing. Tonight's selection is the Happy Heron Pale Ale from Amherst, Wisconsin's own Central Waters Brewing Company. I've never had a Central Waters beer before, so the pressure is on to wow me, fellas. The first thing that I notice is the thick, frothy head. I've never seen a headier beer (and I did properly pour it). The beer has a bright orange-golden color to it, not surprising for an American Pale Ale. The aroma is zesty and citrusy, balanced with a hint of graininess. It's an interesting blend. The beer itself is surprisingly light and easy to drink. It's not heavy at all. Since it is a Pale Ale, there is a hop kick to it. The bitterness of the hops doesn't hit you until the very end, but it's a nice jolt. It hits you on the back of your tongue. Overall, this is a crisp and refreshing beer. I only bought a single bottle of it, but I would definitely pick up a six pack in the future.

But the real question is, which beer is best to drink at the office?



Damn you! Now I have to try it! Boy, you're pissing me off! LOL

I aim to please.

I first stumbled across Heron about 2 years ago - great smoky tinge to it. I believe the Churchkey in Madison has it on tap now. Good stuff.

I'll be honest. I only bought it for two reasons. 1. It's a WI brewery that I hadn't tried yet. 2. The heron on the bottle looked so damn happy.

But it was great, so Happy Steve in the end.

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