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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 


It looks like a few bloggers are going to Summerfest. Owen and Wendy saw Big & Rich Sunday night. The Esenbergs were in attendance last night for Roger Waters (and they have some political commentary about the show). I was at Summerfest last night too but not for Roger Waters. I saw Bang Camaro and Social Distortion.

Bang Camaro is a Boston band with a simple concept: the best parts of heavy metal are awesome guitar riffs, guitar solos, and sing-a-long choruses. Why not make a band that has only those things? The band is 20 members strong, most of them singers. It was quite a sight. They really own the stage. I even got to meet a few of the guys by chance. I was walking around the grounds and just sort of ran into them. Classy gents, all the way. WARNING: there is some saucy language in this clip.

Social Distortion needs no introduction.

The two nights that I've been to Summerfest have been great. It's made me really appreciate living in Milwaukee.

Thanks for the Social Distortion video. They're very very good.

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