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Monday, May 28, 2007 

Alito Gets a Degree Too

Justice Alito was decked out in his graduation garb at Seton Hall last week. He got an honorary degree and gave the commencement speech. This picture reminded me of something. I really liked the graduation gown that I got for my law school graduation. It wasn't one of those cheap, thin things that you get for high school graduation. This gown was heavy duty. It reminded me of a judge's robes. I was mad when I had to give it back (it was a rental).

Alito's got a cool gown. I'm pretty sure that is a Yale gown. One of my professors had a similar one on for our ceremony, and he's a Yalie. I don't like the hat though. I'm not a fan of the rounded, puffy hat. It looks too much like a throw pillow for a couch. I don't really like the square mortar board either, though. But I hate it less.

This concludes my first and only fashion post.

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