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Friday, April 20, 2007 

Bizarre Duck Triangle

I recently came across this news story, and I felt the need to post about it. It's rare that one finds a news item that includes both criminal law violations and pet ducks...
A Seattle man has been charged with a slew of crimes that involved an alleged shoplifting, assaults and a pet duck named Mr. Peepers. Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Paul Stern on Thursday charged Kenneth Blaine Quinlan, 35, with two counts of third-degree assault and one count each of vehicular assault and hit-and-run.
That is a great name for a duck.
Authorities say that on March 23, Quinlan and his 39-year-old girlfriend drove to a Lynnwood shopping center, where he entered a Linens 'n Things outlet and she went into a Petco store, taking the duck with her.

Stern wrote in court papers that a security guard thought he saw Quinlan shoplift an iPod speaker system, and a scuffle ensued.

Police say the guard chased Quinlan to the Petco store, where Quinlan got the car keys from his girlfriend and tried to escape.

The man jumped into the driver's seat of the car as the woman walked out of the store with her duck. Not knowing what was going on, she tried to stop him from driving away and was knocked down by the open car door as it backed up. She dropped the duck.
Uh oh. Domesticated fowl in harms way! What will happen next?!
A Petco employee saw what was happening and "ran to save Peepers from the front of the car" just as Quinlan drove forward, Stern wrote. The car ran over the woman, inflicting serious injuries including broken bones in her foot and ankle, he said.

Charging papers say Quinlan continued driving and didn't stop until his vehicle struck another car nearby.

The girlfriend and guard were not seriously hurt. Mr. Peepers was OK.
There's not much to comment on here. It's a pretty straightforward legal issue. I just thought it was a funny story.

Hi my name is Patricia I am Quinlan's lil sister, I just want to let everyone know that my brother did not intentionally hurt anyone and he is not some no good human that everyone makes him out to be; infact for the last two years Kenny has been going back and forth between California and Washington to help me care for our sick mother. He also works as a welder and sends whatever money he can get to my mother. I wish there was justice out there because this lady jumped infront of my brother's car Kenny is being sentenced as a hardline criminal. He will do seven to fifteen years in Walla Walla. My mother's health is failing and she probably will not see her son again. Not only that my mom asked me to look up the prison that Kenny is going to and it is listed as one of the toughtest prisons with the highest suicide rate among immates. So I hope everyone is happy and got a good laugh because I feel like because of this I lost my brother and a mom who has slipped into depression on top of already being sick so as you can see there is nothing "BIZARRE" about Kenny's sentence it is all very real.

To any lawyers out there that beleive in justice I have a little money to put towards my brothers defense. Unfortunately I bailed my brother out instead of highering an attorney, but I do need an attorney and can make payments. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

OH YA, If any one is out there that can help. Please e-mail me with my brother Kenny Quinlan's unfair sentencing please e-mail me at val_kimm@hotmail.com

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