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Friday, February 09, 2007 

Here's to You

Well, it's the end of an era, the Dennis York era. If you haven't heard, Dennis York, the now-not-so anonymous blogger, has decided to call it quits. "York" recently gave an interview to the Wisconsin State Journal, IDing himself as Capitol staffer Christian Schneider. The York blog managed to bridge the gap of information and humor, taking on everything from political issues to parts of Schneider's personal life. It's not easy to write about something like politics (or the law), stay informative, and still find time to inject some humor into the mix. I try, succeed occasionally, fail spectacularly more often. Schneider made it work. That takes a hell of a lot of skill.

Oddly enough, I very recently re-read one of my favorite York posts, Geena Davis Urges Feingold to Pull Out. I'm not sure what made me track it down, but I'm always up for a laugh at Feingold's expense. It still made me laugh. It's worth a read, even though Commander in Chief isn't exactly part of pop culture anymore. Thanks for the time and effort behind the keyboard, Chris.

I'd bet Feine said "real men don't pull out." wait a minute, inside voice, outside voice.. That sadly said, the Yorkster will be missed.

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