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Monday, September 04, 2006 

Supreme Court Justice Worth

Law.com highlights the latest financial disclosure forms of the Supreme Court Justices. It's always interesting to see what these people are worth. Here's the countdown...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: $6.4 million - $28 million

David Souter: $5.6 million - $26.3 million

Stephen Breyer: $4,125,080-$15,440,000

John Roberts: $2,235,063-$5,860,000

John Paul Stevens: $1,590,018-$3,480,000

Antonin Scalia: $700,019-$1,595,000

Samuel Alito: $665,025-$1,740,000

Clarence Thomas: $150,006-$410,000

Anthony Kennedy: $65,005-$195,000
The article doesn't give the more detailed amounts for the two top earners, but I will update their numbers when I find the actual report. Justice Kennedy needs some investment advice.

I wrote a post here talking about the AP's distortion of this data; there's a link to the reports you asked about in footnote 2.

Great post and thanks for the link.

As a person who attend a Scalia speech this year, I must say that I am glad that the Justices get out of DC. While I'm not a fan of all of them, I would go to hear any one of them speak.

And color me surprised that the press went after Scalia. Didn't see that one coming...

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