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Thursday, August 31, 2006 

More on the Volokh Speech

I recently posted that UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh will be visiting Milwaukee and MULS to give the Boden Lecture this October. There has been some new information posted about the event here.

Prof. Volokh's speech in entitled "Law, Politics, and Slippery Slopes." I'm assuming that it will be based on the material in his 2006 Dukeminier Award winning article Same-Sex Marriage and Slippery Slopes. I look forward to the speech and hope that Prof. Volokh can take some time out of his day for a less formal event at the law school. Occasionally, we've been able to get these visiting legal celebrities to attend informal, noon hour events with the students. I'd love to be able to ask Prof. Volokh a question or two.

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