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Friday, August 25, 2006 

Even More Advice

Ian at 3L Epiphany has a great post about advice for law students. Instead of advice for 1Ls like every other blog has been posting, Ian is interested in advice for 2Ls. In many ways, 2L is much different than 1L. You are choosing your own classes, choosing your own schedule as far as class time, choosing your own professors, etc. It's a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility.

My biggest piece of advice for 2Ls is to be mindful of the exam schedule. My school attaches it to the registration materials for the next semester's courses. Choose the classes that you want and then compare them to the exam schedule. Are the exams spread out enough? If not, can you handle that kind of crunch at the end of the semester? Are there any classes that you want to take (like Tax, Trusts and Estates, Ethics) that will be offered next semester also? That might make your life a lot easier.

I had a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday exam marathon in my Fall 2L semester. I was not a happy person by Wednesday afternoon. The previous week was no walk in the park either. I have a classmate who had a Monday AM exam, Monday PM exam, and a Tuesday AM exam. He had a rough time too. Watch those exam schedules. They may end up hurting your grade and your emotional well being.

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