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Saturday, August 19, 2006 


I'm home... safe, sound, and with a much lighter bank account. But I had a blast and that's all that matters. I have days and days of news to catch up on. I'll be doing that hopefully this weekend sometime (I'm going to bed in a few minutes... I'm exhausted). A quick browsing of the big legal sites has informed me that some Carter-appointed judge has struck down the NSA program. Thanks... big news while I'm out of town. I'll try to get up to speed ASAP.

By the way, I spotted a few interesting people in Las Vegas: Lurch, Dr. J, Mike Tyson, and Bill Clinton. I love Vegas.

Welcome back! Lurch? Lucky devil! Dr. J.? He was my Favorite player growing up. I used to watch him play every chance I got. Glad you got re-charged..

A$$....And you didn't even call to let me live vicariously through your trip. I have not been there in 3 months and I am going through serious withdrawl.

The only celebs I saw in Vegas were Jeremy Pivens (along with his entire "crew") and Pamela Anderson. They were both at Pure.

Well I only have 1 class tomorrow at 530, so I am sure I will see you in R F&D in the AM.

I'm still waiting for trip details, interesting stories, and the context wherein you saw the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time, a two-term US president, the man who invented the slam dunk from the foul line, and... some guy who played a bulter on TV.


Billiam, I really needed the re-charge. Going to school tomorrow doesn't seem like such a bad thing now.

Nice screen name, Vegas Baby. We may cross paths tomorrow. I will be there from about noon to 6-ish. I had planned on calling you with the obligatory "guess where I am" call, but decided not to. It just seemed too cruel.

Nick, I'll be penning you an e-mail shortly about my Vegas fun. Shockingly, this trip is full of deatils that I would rather not have memorialized on the internet for all to read.

And it was the Lurch from the movies.

Dammit Steve! You're hoarding details? What are you, a Lawyer??? LOL dang, those are likely the ones we WANT to hear about! Man, prohibition rears it's ugly head again.

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