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Friday, July 14, 2006 

Beer Review: Lakefront White

This Wednesday, I was at Club Garibaldi for the second meeting of The Onion's Society for Beer Enjoyment. If you haven't seen the ads, The Onion has put together a group for those of us interested in enjoying excellent beer at some of Milwaukee's finest bars. It's free to join and you get to drink free beer during the event. My friends and I tried both the Lakefront Riverwest Stein and the Lakefront White. Since I already reviewed the Stein, I'll tackle the White.

The Lakefront White is an American (and Milwaukee) version of a Belgian Witbier. It has that distinct hazy, translucent gold that you would expect from any other white. It also appears to be unfiltered. The head is fairly thin, much thinner than the Riverwest Stein. The aroma is sort of lemony, sort of yeasty. It's not overpowering, but it's there. The lemon-citrus smell is the precursor to the citrusy flavor. It reminded me of coriander. The finish is crisp and fairly light. It's incredibly drinkable and refreshing, definitely a Summer beer. It's probably not my favorite Lakefront selection, but that's not exactly a bad thing. It has a lot of tough competition for that spot. It's worth a try.

I'm going to pick on you, just a little bit. Feel free to shoot back, as I make a most excellent target. Now, beer is NOT to be talked about as if it were a fine wine, being sipped by one of the pinky out crowd. Beer is for "the Volk", the unwashed, and those who aspire to drunken-ness. It is also, for the more mature, something to be imbibed while conversing about lawn tractors, cars, guns, women and sports.
Now, I understand that, as an aspiring Lawyer, or, counselor, if you prefer, you must excersise proper comportment in city social situations. That being said, sneak out to the boonie and let your hair down, so to speak. Swill a little and engage in some serious red-neck BSing. We can save you, but, you have to be willing to put forth the effort. Precursor to the citrusy flavor??? Ugh!!!

One of the main reasons that I started doing these reviews was because I couldn't stand wine and liquor snobs looking down at me because I was a beer drinker. And I am. I am a beer drinker, and I am because I love beer. Beer has as much variety and detail as wine. Two different beverages can look, taste, and smell nothing like each other, but they are still members of the beer family. I think that's great.

I guess I do get very wordy and a little poetic when I start describing beers. It's just because I get very into it. I have a bad case of unbridled enthusiasm that results in some rhetorical flourishes. It's an attempt to be as detailed and precise as possible.

I would also note that my two friends and I took down six pitchers that night. Not a lot of sipping involved there.

That's cool. But, please, easy on the flowery language! We beer drinkers have a rep to uphold!LOL

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