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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

The Look

For some reason, the blog template for Eminent Domain has taken a crap on me. This has happened before in the past and has self-corrected. Hopefully, it will do the same in the near future. If it doesn't, I'm going to have to do some playing with the code. For now, you'll just have to bear with the ugly white background and the links shoved to the bottom of the page. I have crap to go do.

EDIT: I gave the template until I finished cutting the lawn to come back. It did not. My sleek, sexy black and gray format is gone. Welcome to the new look for Eminent Domain.

When you installed the new template, did you have to re-enter all your links?

Well, here is what I did... I copy and pasted the new template code into the Template screen. Then I just cut all of my old links from the old template and pasted them into the new one. Then I deleted the rest of the old template. Ta-da, the new look was complete. It only took about five minutes.

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