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Sunday, June 11, 2006 

What's Left

From the SCOTUS blog, here is a list of the cases and issues that the Supreme Court has yet to decide for this term...
04-607 -- Laboratory Corp. v. Metabolite Laboratories (patentability of a naturally occuring process)
04-1034 (and a companion case) -- Rapanos v. U.S. (Clean Water Act application to wetlands)
04-1170 -- Kansas v. Marsh (constitutionality of a death penalty law that requires death if plus and minor factors are in balance) (re-argued case)
04-1360 - Hudson v. Michigan (remedy for violation of knock-and-announce rule for police entering a home) (re-argued case)
04-1376 -- Fernandez-Vargas v. Gonzales (right of deported alien to return to U.S.)
04-1528 (and two companion cases) -- Randall v. Sorrell (constitutionality of state ceilings on campaign expenditures)
04-1739 -- Beard v. Banks (right of dangerous prison inmates to have access to newspapers, magazines and photographs)
04-8990 -- House v. Bell (scope of right to present new evidence to show innocence of crime)
04-9728 -- Samson v. California (authority to search parolee without a warrant or suspicion)
04-10566 (and a companion case) -- Sanchez-Llamas v. Oregon (state court duty to obey World Court ruling on arrested foreign nationals' access to consular officer)
05-18 -- Arlington School District v. Murphy (parents' right to recover fees for expert witness in disabled child education case)
05-83 -- Washington v. Recuenco (harmless error analysis for error in sentence enhancement)
05-128 -- Howard Delivery v. Zurich American Insurance (priority in bankruptcy of claim for workmen's compensation premiums)
05-184 -- Hamdan v. Rumsfeld (Supreme Court power to decide constitutionality of war-on-terrorism war crimes tribunals, and the merits of that constitutional question)
05-200 -- Empire Healthchoice v. McVeigh (private contractor right to enforce benefits for federal government employees)
05-204 (and three companion cases) -- League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry (validity of Texas congressional redistricting plan)
05-259 -- Burlington Northern Railway v. White (proof needed to show retaliation claim under Title VII job bias law)
05-352 -- U.S. v. Gonzalez-Lopez (remedy for denial of access to counsel of choice in a criminal case)
05-409 -- Kircher v. Putnam Funds Trust (federal appeals court power to review remand of securities case to state court)
05-416 -- Woodford v. Ngo (scope of exhaustion of claims requirement under Prison Litigation Reform Act)
05-5224 and 05-5705 (two cases, perhaps one opinion) -- Davis v. Washington and Hammon v. Indiana (exclusion of evidence of "excited utterances" in 911 calls or at a crime scene, under Crawford v. Washington)
05-5966 -- Clark v. Arizona (right to make an insanity defense to disprove criminal intent)
05-7053 -- Dixon v. U.S. (burden of proof on defense of duress or coercion in criminal case)
05-8794 -- Hill v. McDonough (procedures available for challenges to lethal injection method of execution)
I bolded the cases in which I have the most interest. With so little time left, we're looking at multiple opinion days a week. It's kind of exciting in a way, but also frustrating. I don't have enough time to read them all, so I'm going to be picky. I can't wait to see if something comes down tomorrow...

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