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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

Things to Come

A massive computer failure at work gave me the day off today. Unfortunately, a massive computer failure in my laptop destroyed the posts I wrote about today's Supreme Court decisions. If you are interested in the opinion links, How Appealing has them. I will reformulate my Hudson post sometime tomorrow, because I feel that the decision is important and correct.

I am altering the clock on this post to park it on the Thursday timeslot. Technically, it is Friday right now. Very Friday, actually. But after my laptop freaked out and nuked my two posts that I spent quite a bit of time on, I walked away from the computer. I decided to kill the rest of the day outdoors instead of retyping my screed against the Exclusionary Rule. Hopefully, tomorrow will be full of law blogging goodness (and a beer review possibly)...

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