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Monday, June 19, 2006 

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

I have been neglecting my beer review duties lately. Mostly, I've been sticking to old favorites. Tonight's selection is the Cherry Wheat from Samuel Adams. I'm becoming a pretty big Sam Adams fan. They have a surprisingly diverse line of beers. After my experience with the New Glarus Cherry Stout, I am a little wary of cherry beers. I certainly enjoy cherry flavor, just not when it is combined with rotten wood flavor. It has a hazy orange color that is darker than most wheat beers. I am guessing that has to do with the cherry addition. You can really smell the cherries. It reminds me a bit of a popsicle. The flavor is fairly interesting. Based on the aroma, I expected to be hit with nothing but overpowering cherry flavor. That's not the case. It tastes like a sweet wheat beer with hints of cherry. The cherry is there, definitely. But it is never too overpowering. It is sweet, so I doubt I could drink this consistently over the course of an evening. However, one or two would be great. This is a very refreshing, summer night kind of beer.

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