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Saturday, May 20, 2006 

America and the Courts: Paul Clement

I just started watching this week's episode of American and the Courts. I was twenty minutes late because there was important grilling of dead animals that needed to be attended to first. This week's episode is a conversation with Solicitor General Paul Clement, or as I like to call him, Shorewood Wisconsin's own Paul Clement. Clement is an incredible attorney. He has to be, since he is the governments top lawyer. Clement has a resume that is second to none. He's got John Roberts-like credentials. I would not be surprised if he got named to a federal appeals court, probably the DC Circuit, before Bush leaves office. I would also not be surprised if Clement ended up on the Supreme Court someday. The replay on the C-SPAN website is well worth watching.

EDIT: C-SPAN is having fun with last names. The second part of this episode is a speech by Judge Edith Clement of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The most pathetic part of my day is that the first thought I had when she approached the podium was "Oh, she changed her hairstyle". I need to find a hobby that doesn't include the federal judiciary. By the way, Paul and Edith are not related.

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